MDI Generators

Generator units

The modular characteristics and mechanics of the MDI engine lends itself to be extremely adaptive and this adaptability has been harnessed to employ the engine to generate electricity.

A large range of power levels :

Emergency Electricity Generator PrototypeEmergency Electricity Generator Prototype

A wide range of power levels can be provided because of the modular nature of the MDI Engine, both mechanical and electrical.

This versatility can be deployed to provide power for an individual requirement or for a wider application. In the rack structure has a tremendous advantage that the maintenance or repairs can be carried out without interrupting electricity production.

Co-generator units :

Furthermore, because of the inherent design of the MDI engines, they can generate both heat and cold as the principle is based on compression and expansion of a gas (in this case air), calories can simply be recovered where they are produced. The modularity is similar to that of the generator units, thus allowing individual or network applications. For example, in heating or air-conditioning premises.

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